Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Back

Dear oh dear I have been very slack in posting to this blog. I seem to have been swept up on my facebook fan page and the fact I have had no time. But I shouldn't really be making excuses.
I am here now and will try my very hardest to post here more often.

First things first I had my first sale on etsy the other day!! I was so excited. I was browsing through etsy one morning in bed and omg my nesting doll had been sold. So she is on her way to Western Australia.

I sometimes find it hard to let go of my softies. I love them all so very much and want to keep them for myself. But I would run out of room very fast if I did that!

We have had some very dear friends of ours stay with us from New Zealand the past week. We have been doing all the tourist activities which has been so much fun and tiring! Dreamworld, Seaworld, Day Cruises, Jet skiing, Para sailing just to name a few. In fact most of the activities we did involved water some way or another. I loved Seaworld! The polar bears were up and about having some yummy raw fish and watermelon in the water. I could watch them all day!

I decided to participate in the worlds greatest shave on the 12th of March. I am actually really looking forward to shaving my locks off! I might look a little funny but hey it's just hair and it will grow back :) Here is a link to my page if you would like to donate and support the Leukaemia Foundation

Until next time


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