Saturday, March 3, 2012

My week in Instagram

Wow another week has gone by and it is now March! This year is going too fast. Here's my week.....

1. Shopping at Typo makes me super happy
2. We have had some very wet weather lately
3. Lunch at my now favourite spot Montezumas
4. Dressed up as a fairy for work, was lots of fun
5. I found a news agency that's sells Molly Makes! Such a beautiful magazine
6. Hugs with Trevor the Bear
7. DIY pen pots. I had lots of fun making them
8. My new mug from Typo
I noticed Trevor was looking rather grubby and realised in the 11 years I have owned him he has only been washed twice. So into the tub he went with Nappysan, a spin in the washing machine and a tumble in the dryer and hes good as new! So much whiter and fluffy.

He's so Fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!

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bailey k. said...

oh my goodness i'm in love with those four photos of trevor! so cute and funny!

i recently started an instagram link party on my blog, and i still need some help getting it started. if you want, come by and check it out and maybe link up! thanks so much!

mandy said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by :)
I visited your blog and linked up.
Your dog Quinn is so gorgeous!!!