Friday, March 2, 2012

Glass Jar Tutorial

I am a collector of pens. It started a few years ago and whenever someone I knew was going away or staying in a hotel etc I would ask them to bring me back a pen! So as you can imagine my collection is getting out of hand. I am never short of a pen that's for sure!  I obviously need more pen pots. Had a look around the shops and didn't see any that I liked, quite boring really. Then I thought to myself I should make my own. I saved a nice large jar that previously held Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage! eew)and decorated it up. I'm going to share it with you guys since it's so fun and easy to make. It's my first tutorial so go easy on me! hehe

The supplies you need:
** Glass jar (washed and dried)
** Mod Podge
** Paint brush
** Tissue Paper
** And whatever you would like to embellish your jar with. I used fairy dust and paper doilys. But you can use buttons, ribbons, paper tags, stickers......go nuts

First you coat a layer of Mod Podge to the jar.

Then you stick strips of tissue paper. I placed mine in lines but you can do a more collage effect too.

Once the jar is fully covered you then apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal it. Then you let it dry.

To decorate my jar I stuck fairy dust on the top, added some paper doilys with some Mod Podge and finished it off with some ribbon.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.


Amie said...

I love the bright pink with the doily! Mod podge rules, doesn't it?!

mandy said...

Thanks :)
Mod Podge is my new best friend!