Friday, February 17, 2012


Every Friday over at Life Rearranged it's InstaFriday! a time where we all share those random moments captured on our cell phones! I discovered it last week and I thought I would jump in on the fun. So here is my week in pictures.

We took Ella for a walk to the shops and treated ourselves to an ice cream. She was lucky to get the last bit. Mmm bubblegum flavoured

Beautiful butterfly magnet on my fridge

Finished off a custom order of pocket friends.

Received my gorgeous bunting from Plushka!! So excited! Will write a separate post later about it

Currently we have 3 boys over on holiday from New Zealand staying with us for a bachelor week and they very kindly brought me my favourite licorice!! You can not buy them here so yay for me.

So there's my first InstaFriday! Hope you enjoyed.
life rearranged

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