Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Creative Nook

A week or so ago I decided to move my sewing machine into our spare room which only gets used for when we have guests staying. And instead of keeping everything on the floor in piles I am using this very awesome bookshelf which was found under our house. I am pleased how well it all looks now (so much tidier!) and I love sitting in there while creating. I still have to move a cupboard from the garage up there so I can then move all my card making supplies in there. But I will save that for a rainy day!!

Where all the magic takes place!

Look how nice and tidy it all is now and I love all the wonderful bright colours

Some of my fabric stash

Pirates! Still waiting to be adopted


My collection of colourful threads

Moi enjoying my space

Well I hope you have enjoyed a behind the scenes look of Lovemandy.


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