Thursday, July 7, 2011

The week thats been

Hello friends!
The past week was pretty awesome because I got to spend time with my sister who was visiting from New Zealand. Even though she got food poisoning the day after she arrived then when she recovered from that she was struck down with the flu. Dear oh dear!! And now my boy has got man flu so I will be looking after him for the next couple of days. I am not sick......yet *touch wood*

So not much crafting has been going on recently. But I will show you my little naked raggedy doll I am making. I just need to make some little clothes for her. But she is ever so sweet already.

My sister and I went for a hunt for writing sets as a gift for her friend and we could not find them ANYWHERE! We love writing letters because it's more personal than email and it is exciting to check the letter box to find a pretty envelope addressed to you (plus my sister likes to put confetti in them so when I open it, it goes everywhere!) So in the end I decided to make my own. It came out pretty good so I will probably be making more in the near future :)

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